Autism A Clarion Call

Humanity's Wake-Up Call

Autism is Changing the Evolution of Humanty and The World

A clarion call is answering humanity’s hunger for the Gifts of Spirit. The Global Order of Divine is unfolding in Divine perfection in each moment. We are being called through the children of autism to go into the silence within–“stillness” and experience our true divine nature for the transformation and rebirth of humanity and the earth. Today, we are becoming the change humanity has been asking for. 

Aware of the challenges facing families of autism and non-autism communities, it is with great compassion and pure love that I speak to you for The Children. They are here to assist in healing the heart of humanity and the planet.

Autism Spiritual

Today’s world event of awakening humanity is a wake-up call of the heart. We are being gifted opportunities to shift into new levels of Being and expressions of expanded awareness and higher consciousness.

We are being called to go within and discover our true home. The Sacred Space of our true divine nature is a place where you can experience the warm glow of love’s embrace. 

The Global Order of Divine is unfolding in Divine perfection for the greater good of All. Guidance and support is here to serve you every step of the way. 

Experience Peace Calm Rest Relaxation Joy as you search for answers and ways to navigate through the storms of human and planetary evolution.





"Drop The Label ~Love The Children" ~ Amaris

Why Are The Children of Autism Here?

They are a gift from God (the Creator of your understanding). It is through them that we truly see and experience the unfolding of life in its purest form. During this time of the Great Awakening, Autism is providing us opportunities to heal and expand the consciousness of our hearts.

Love is the non-verbal language of the heart where many times words cannot express the thoughts and feelings that are being conveyed. The Children are here to teach us through an accelerated form what we may or may not be able to teach ourselves. 

It is said that some of our greatest gifts arrive through the most challenging experiences. The Children sense the toxicity of the world and the collective consciousness on all levels of their being.

It is my great honor to embrace these very special brave souls who have arrived at this time in history for the evolution of humanity and the world. 


“They are only different to those that see themselves through the eyes of their own defining. The scientific world must  have a method of defining what explains the form in which they express the group of children studied. They cannot see that the imperfections viewed through the microscopic lenses of their examinations only give them the information they are seeking…”


"Drop The Label - Love The Children" ~Amaris

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A high percentage of autistic children experience bullying. When you combine autistic children with other children, which are not labeled, we then have a large number of our population bullying or being bullied.

Bullying in any form is unacceptable for anyone, especially someone with the label (“autism”).

If human beings looked beyond labels, they might discover a reflection of their own divinity. Expressions of bullying by any human being is only a reflection of the garments they wear (i.e., fear, anger, depression, feeling unloved, etc.) in themselves. In an attempt to feel better, the undesirable behavior ensues. Compassion and love go out to everyone in an effort to increase awareness, respect, self-love and harmony in the world. Imagine how bullying might lessen or not exist at all.


Divine Presence of Peace

DPOP™ Peace Project

for Children of All Ages

DPOP™ Divine Presence of Peace is an experiential project gifting people opportunities to easily move into their natural state of being.

DPOP™ promotes living from the heart. Lasting changes that improve your life, child, and the lives of others.

The sacred unfolding of your wellness journey begins with the foundation of love. Love is who you are – the expression of your True Divine Nature in it’s purest form.

Today, The Children are the secret key to changing the evolution of humanity and the world. Open your heart to receiving nourishing support, healing guidance, and heart wisdom. 


DPOP™ Divine Presence of Peace

21-Day Program





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“The correlation with autism and The Children’s purpose is truly outstanding and magical.” – J.M., CA

“Congratulations on your work with Autistic children. From my heart to yours, this extraordinary book is pure alchemy!” -M.V., NY


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This book is a gift to the world. From Amaris in Living from the heart is a simple and powerful one breath meditation. She tells us to experience the warm glow of love’s embrace as we inhale and to exhale pure gratitude. What a powerful and empowering heart-centered practice…and with such ease and grace in its simplicity. That is truly a gift to the world.

A Book With Revelations From God- "Autism as A Message for Humanity"

The Children are the key to our spiritual evolution. A Spiritual Approach to Autism guides you toward your own spiritual journey. Discovering this spiritual dimension within your Self is the greatest gift you can receive.

This is an invitation to experience vibration and frequency energy medicine. Explore deeper dimensions of expanding the consciousness of the heart, individually and globally—the Heart of Humanity.

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“Our family is able to do things NOW we were unable to do before. He’s calmer and speaking more. He used to be very loud—now he’s quiet.” -S.S., TX

“I am the proud parent of a 5-year old autistic child. You have given me greater confidence in seeing the gifts our son offers the world.” -T.M., TX