©Artwork by Katherine Gilley


Changing Perceptions through the Lens of the Heart

New Earth Visionary Art

Light Language Artwork and Photography — Where The Intangible Becomes Tangible

Color Healing and Transformational Art that captures the essence of Sacred “Light” reflected in the Energy of Consciousness expanding Consciousness


SACRED GEOMETRY ART THAT SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT (The Divine, God, Source, Universe) – Created in visual form are Light transmissions and activations communicated from The Divine (God, Source or the name for the Divine of your heart). The artwork expresses Truth, Healing and activations through Divine vibration and frequency.

Celestial Colors—Immerse Yourself in the beauty and creation of Heaven on Earth


Color that Speaks to the Light Codes of the Heart

“Light Language Energy of the World” reflects itself in the reflections of our very nature as seen and projected by our own perceptions. May the images of “Light Language” increase the energy within. This can result in harmonious energy fields that promote health and wellness, growth, expansion of consciousness and clarity.

“The American Visionary Art Museum defines Visionary Art as ….art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.” It goes on to say that “visionary art is a product of an inner process, and may not even be thought of as art by its creator.”

A visual healing tool for experiencing the beauty and transformational effects of visual beauty that surrounds us all. Light Language Color Therapy can release blocks of energy that prevent us from moving beyond the constraints of life’s obstructions in the road of life.


Color that Speaks to the Light Codes of the Heart

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