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love has no labels

A high percentage of autistic children experience bullying. When you combine autistic children with other children experiencing this, which are not labeled, we then have a large number of our population bullying or being bullied.

Bullying in any form is unacceptable, especially for someone with the label (“autism”) the bully or others do not understand.

Autism A Clarion Call


Life is gifting us countless ways to explore opportunities for transformation, spiritual growth, unity, love, compassion, healing, and peace.

All life is Sacred. From my heart to yours, I honor the Sacred in You


Amazon Review

This book is a gift to the world. From Amaris in Living from the heart is a simple and powerful one breath meditation. She tells us to experience the warm glow of love’s embrace as we inhale and to exhale pure gratitude. What a powerful and empowering heart-centered practice…and with such ease and grace in its simplicity. That is truly a gift to the world.

A Book With Revelations From God Through Autism

“Miles across the Globe do not separate the love that is felt.” – Amaris


We believe vibration speaks louder than words.

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