Amaris is a high frequency Being of Light who has come to reveal how to receive Autism as A Message for Humanity


AUTHOR, Autism expert

Janie Amaris Villarreal is a pioneer in the field of vibrational frequency energy medicine. Her platform is Presence. Being in her presence changes you as she helps your state of being in a language people understand. The book is The Children’s gift to humanity and the world.


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This book is a gift to the world. From Amaris in Living from the heart is a simple and powerful one breath meditation. She tells us to experience the warm glow of love’s embrace as we inhale and to exhale pure gratitude. What a powerful and empowering heart-centered practice…and with such ease and grace in its simplicity. That is truly a gift to the world.

A Book With Revelations From God- "Autism as A Message for Humanity"

Amaris DPOP™


Amaris is God’s Divine name for Janie Villarreal. Self-realized, she is the masculine and feminine essence of Divine sharing–God. Amaris is an energetic gift to The Children and The World—the presence and essence of God’s heart. She embraces everyone with Pure Love. The Authentic Heart is Pure Love and Joy—an expression of the underlying love that expresses each emotion.


SACRED GEOMETRY ART THAT SPEAKS THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT (The Divine, God, Source) – Created in visual form are Light transmissions and activations communicated from The Divine (God, Source or the name for the Divine of your heart). The artwork expresses Truth as healing and activations through Divine vibration and frequency. It is filled with celestial color—the beauty and creation of Heaven on Earth. Immerse Yourself in the Light of Heaven on Earth.

Master Curandera Shaman, Arlington TX


Path of The Heart

NATURAL HEALING PATH – A holistic approach to health and wellness that addresses the root cause of illness, dis-ease, cancer or other physical ailments. Many people wait until they have exhausted all resources before seeking an alternative healing treatment. The wounded soul may be affecting the physical, ,mental, emotional or spiritual bodies. More than one session may be necessary due to an individual’s personal situation. You can release years of pain in one session.


The “Bodywhisperer” has a remarkable gift for understanding the human frame and adopts an empathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the human being with unconditional love, compassion and mercy. People who observe her notice she stands face to face with the troubled soul. One seems to think The Bodywhisperer must be whispering to the soul in a way it can understand and accept. People are quickly gentled by her mysterious techniques and calming energy. The Spirit of God is Speaking to the Spirit in You.


Self-less Love, Empathy, Compassion and Peace – the flowing nature of Spirit in human form. Energy moves in and out of form with such ease and grace that others are unaware of what is taking place as space fills with the Light, Love, and Peace of the Creator. We are One Spirit of Love. Our hearts speak directly to the spirit in each one of us. Journey to a place you’ve never been before. Experience the heart of the Divine.


The Children are the key to our spiritual evolution. Freedom is living from the heart a life of authenticity. A Spiritual Approach to Autism guides you toward your own spiritual journey. Discovering this spiritual dimension within your Self is the greatest gift you can receive.

Discover simple solutions to changing the energy (vibration and frequency) that surrounds you. This energy wellness book about healing and expanding the consciousness of the heart, individually and globally—the Heart of Humanity is a gift to you and the world.