God’s Miracles in Real People’s Lives

Many times, the touch of a Master is all it takes to release the energy of imbalance manifesting as dis-ease.

Spiritual Teacher Amaris

Amaris is a high frequency Being of Light who has come to reveal how to receive Autism as A Message for Humanity

Autism Spiritual

Take a moment to close your eyes

Place your hand on your heart

and breathe.

One minute moments throughout your day increases…

Peace  Calm  Healing  Relaxation

Amaris is God’s Divine name for Janie Villarreal. Self-realized, she is the masculine and feminine essence of Divine sharing–God

She embraces You and The Children with Pure Love—

Amaris is the love they seek.

The Authentic Heart is Pure Love and Joy—

An expression of the underlying love that expresses each emotion.


“Miles across the Globe do not separate the love that is felt.” – Amaris