Journey of Self Healing

While I was unaware initially that it was a spider bite, I believed I could be healed. I rested and slept more than usual. Prayer was instrumental in my healing. Once I discovered what happened to my leg, I surrendered to the natural process of healing. I became aware that I was going through more than a physical healing. I opened my heart for what God had for me and what He revealed to me. At the same time, I placed very warm salt water patches (soft cotton cloth) to draw out the poison. The would was black and the size of a quarter. I am very grateful to God for my healing. I do not have a scar or any indication on my leg I was bitten by the brown recluse spider. Again, I am eternally grateful for God’s miracle healing and the assistance of my ancestors. There has been a tremendous need for grant research to prove this Curanderismo Ancient Wisdom in physical form when we know it has worked for centuries and proven over and over again. Conventional studies of Curanderismo in mainstream medicine can find it’s efficacy to be offered in a patient’s treatment plan when requested.

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