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"I do think there are many things Curanderos/Shamans do that could be very useful for doctors in our society. I think they are really Masters of the psychological realm and the whole area-what I call "The Art of Medicine" like knowing how to take a patient's projection of belief back onto them in a way that increases the possibility of healing."

-Andrew Weil, M.D., Integrative Medicine

Master Curandera Shaman

Master Curandera Shaman Holistic Medicine ~ A Natural Holistic Healing Path. Master Curandera Shaman who takes a holistic approach to health and wellness. She address the root cause of illness, dis-ease, or other physical ailments. The Sacred Healing Art of Mexico is Curanderismo, an Ancient Aztec and Maya traditional medicine that heals the body, mind, soul and spirit. The name Curanderismo comes from the word “curar” which means “to heal” and “Cura” which means “priest.”

People in Mexico turn to Curanderos before seeing a physician. Their trust and convictions are paramount in Curanderismo. The mysticism with which a Curandera blends her healing arts attracts both the rich and poor alike.

Master Curandera Shaman

The mysticism in her healing reveals what makes her so unique and rare. It’s what sets her services apart from others. Her presence and voice resonates to the pure love of the Heart of God. She is a very powerful yet gentle Divine healer with a special gift for instantly transmuting dense energies while reconnecting people with the Light of Source.

The Curandera is chosen by God. God is the Source of their talents, skills and abilities. Whoever is called to the Curandera is sent by God. Your spirit connects with her spirit before you call to make an appointment. Curanderismo serves all faiths.

Many people wait until they have exhausted all resources before seeking an alternative healing  treatment. The wounded soul may be affecting the physical, mental, emotional, or  spiritual bodies. 

Curanderismo/Shamanism can be a part of anyone’s wellness lifestyle by addressing health and wellness in any capacity. Anyone can benefit from the gifts of Spirit by experiencing a session or ritual to support your soul’s journey. Increased awareness expands your heart to expressing your authentic self.  For example:

Treating people suffering from acute or chronic pain helps reach the root cause of their pain.

Relieves stress and anxiety that accompanies life threatening illness or emotional trauma.

Addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the individual and family members.

Comfort, empathy, and compassion for the heart of patient and family members.

Intuitive insight into cause and effect for any situation.

Discover the gift(s) that present themselves as imbalances or illness in the body.

Provides support as healing journey heals the wounded soul and restores balance and wholeness.


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Her sensitivity to subtle energy, empathy, compassion, and pure love that flows from her heart is felt by everyone. The ability to cleanse dense energy while providing energy for those who need it is a tremendous gift. It is real healing and raises the vibration and frequency of everyone who is involved including others. This can also be achieved through distant healing. As research shows (“Butterfly Effect”) a ripple effect expands into human consciousness and the planet.

[Note: Energy empaths are people who are sensitive to subtle energy. They process that energy for other people and their environment. To be able to process energy for others is a tremendous gift.]


The wisdom of these ancient rituals are known to shift and restructure energy patterns of disharmony that appear as imbalances, emotional trauma, soul loss, illness or dis-ease. More than one session may be necessary in some situations.

“Miles across the Globe do not separate the love that is felt.” —Amaris

[Note: Energy empaths are people who are sensitive to subtle energy. They process that energy for other people and their environment. To be able to process energy for others is a tremendous gift.]


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