A Sacred Journey Awaits You


Spiritual Nourishment

We can begin to help ourselves by being gentle, kind, and compassionate with ourselves and others. When we are kind to one another, we are kind to ourselves. As you wake each morning, decide that your outpouring of love and kindness is feeding the earth.

Brown Recluse Spider Bite & self-healing

Once I discovered I had been bitten by a brown recluse spider, I explored the spiritual meaning behind Spider Medicine. This introduces you to the unfolding that occurred in my life as I allowed the unfolding of the gifts being bestowed upon me during this initiation and purification journey. In Native American tribes Spider is Grandmother and plays a motherly role in Spirituality. The feminine energy is a reminder that we have the creative ability to weave our lives into a Masterpiece of Art for the greater good of All. Native American Spider Medicine is known as a great teacher, storyteller, as well as protector and keeper of knowledge. Spider believes that if you break down what infinity really is….it’s just unconditional love and the energy of it. Spider Medicine also gifts us spiritual gifts along our journey in life. For instance, it’s a reminder that you have infinite possibilities to create your life. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to cleanse and purify your body as you move into greater expressions of Divine Light. Spider has also been described as the guardian of the ancient language and the magic of writing wisdom. It’s eight legs represent 4 winds of change and 4 directions of the medicine wheel. The spider’s body is 8 shape for infinite possibilities. This awareness connected me with the deep trust I had in the Divine unfolding in my life.

journey of Self-Healing

While I was unaware initially that it was a spider bite, I believed I could be healed. I rested and slept more than usual. Prayer was instrumental in my healing. Once I discovered what happened to my leg, I surrendered to the natural process of healing. I became aware that I was going through more than a physical healing. I opened my heart for what God had for me and what He revealed to me. At the same time, I placed very warm salt water patches (soft cotton cloth) to draw out the poison. The wound was black and the size of a quarter. I am very grateful to God for my healing. I do not have a scar or any indication on my leg I was bitten by the brown recluse spider. Again, I am eternally grateful for God’s miracle healing and the assistance of my ancestors. There has been a tremendous need for grant research to prove this Curanderismo Ancient Wisdom in physical form when we know it has worked for centuries and proven over and over again. Conventional studies of Curanderismo in mainstream medicine can find it’s efficacy to be offered in a patient’s treatment plan when requested.

All life is Sacred and from my heart to yours, I honor the Sacred in You


The Children are here to teach us deeper levels of understanding, self-love, compassion, joy, presence, forgiveness, and so much more through the silent language of Love. The most important opportunity we are witnessing in the world now is presence. A simple smile from someone receiving your loving, peaceful heart is presence. The same is true for us receiving a smile from someone’s loving, peaceful heart.


Our thoughts reach the destinations of our intentions. What are you intending? Thoughts are energy in motion. The vibrations of our thoughts are received whether we are aware of it or not. Each one of us affects one another and the planet in each moment. Take this moment to breathe deeply and cleanse yourself of thinking that no longer serves you in this moment. If you wish, you can simply forgive yourself and others by blessing them when they enter your mind. Forgiveness frees you and frees them to their own path of learning. Place your hand over your heart and say “Thank you, I love you.” Take a breath and notice how you feel.

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