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Light Language from the Heart for Self-Healing & Healing The Earth  — Journey through Light Language and discover your Sacred Soul meeting the Heart of the Divine. Welcome and know that you are here because on an energetic level you have asked to be here . . .

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       love is Amaris Worldwide   Light Language Healing Arts   Amaris – Light Language Cosmic Healer Awakening Heart Consciousness . . . the presence and expression of God’s Love and Light-“Light Language of Love” resonating the cosmic union of energy expressing the Divine

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Selfless Divine Love, Empathy, Compassion, Mercy and Peace…the flowing nature of Spirit in human form. She moves energy in and out of form into the Light of Spirit with such ease and grace that others are unaware of what is taking place. Space fills with the Light, Love and Peace of the Creator dissolving anything unlike itself in her path…gift of presence that transcends all in its path.  

 To be in her presence is a Gift from God. We are One Spirit of Love and our hearts speak directly to the Spirit of Love in us.

robert 21 Amaris Worldwide   Light Language Healing ArtsThe  “Bodywhisperer”  is a talented individual with a remarkable gift for understanding the human frame, who connects with the soul whose energetic gift of presence brings people back to optimum health and wholeness. People who manage to observe her notice that she stands face to face with the troubled soul.  One seems to think that The Bodywhisperer must be saying something to the soul in a way the soul can understand and accept because people are quickly gentled by her mysterious techniques and calming energy.  

Mystic White Spirit Feather – The mysticism in her healing reveals what makes her so unique and rare and her services  apart from others. She is a very powerful yet gentle divine healer with a special gift for instantly tranforming dense energies–at the same time reconnecting others with the Light of Source.

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This  website  is  a source for  purification  and  cleansing  vibrational  frequencies  
that no longer serve energy. The space is filled with sacred energy that unites us 
  All in Divine Spirit and our True Nature with Mother Earth. assisting others in     their awaking consciousness during this  cosmic ascension into the New    
Earth.  A  place  for  healing,  inspiration, enlightenment,  spiritual
learning  where collective  souls  co-create communities  of
sisters and brothers as one universal heart that protects
the earth and  all  living things  that  reflect daily the
Love  of  God all around  us,  the splendor of the
seen and  yet to be seen in the magnificence
of  everyone  who creates it.  Sit in silence
and explore the possibility that you
are  connected to the well  of  the
infinite flow of unconditional
love from the eternal
sacred  heart
of God

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will
interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet,
and in the cause and prevention of disease.”- Thomas Edison

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Aware of the challenges facing families of Autism, it is with great compassion and pure love that I share a spiritual approach to Autism. The Children are here to assist the planet by raising the vibrational frequency of humanity–they can and they are healing the earth. The Children are the secret to our spiritual evolution.

“The skillful are not obvious.  They appear to be simple-minded. Those who know this know the patterns of the Absolute. To know the patterns is the subtle power. The subtle power moves all things and has no name.”

– David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D

Heart of Holy Spirit 300x130 Amaris Worldwide   Light Language Healing Arts

Miles across the Globe do not separate the immense Radiant Love that is felt through the Love and Light of her soul.  It is rare to find someone who is among few in the world. 


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