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Light Language Medicine

Shifting the Heart of Humanity

     Light Language Healer & Spiritual Teacher Amaris Activating Divine Heart Consciousness…Presence and Expression of God’s Love & Light — Light Language of Love

Spiritual Teacher AmarisSelfless Love, Empathy, Compassion and Peace…the flowing nature of Spirit in human form. Energy moves in and out of form into the Light of Spirit with such ease and grace that others are unaware of what is taking place as space fills with the Light Love and Peace of the Creator.


We are One Spirit of Love and our hearts speak directly to the Spirit of Love in us. Journey into your sacred self–experience the heart of the Divine.



The Bodywhisperer

The “Bodywhisperer” has a remarkable gift for understanding the human frame and adopts an empathetic view of the motives, needs, and desires of the human being with unconditional love, compassion and mercy.  People who manage to observe her notice that she stands face to face with the troubled soul.  One seems to think that The Bodywhisperer must be whispering to the soul in a way the soul can understand and accept because people are quickly gentled by her mysterious techniques and calming energy.




Light Language Medicine Autism

AwarLight Language Healing Arts - Autisme of the challenges facing families of Autism — it is with great compassion and pure love that I share a spiritual approach to Autism.

The Children are here to assist the world by raising the vibrational frequency of humanity and the planet — they can and they are healing the earth. They are the secret to our spiritual evolution.


“The skillful are not obvious.  They appear to be simple-minded. Those who know this know the patterns of the Absolute. To know the patterns is the subtle power. The subtle power moves all things and has no name.”

– David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D

“Miles across the Globe do not separate the Love that is felt.” – Amaris

Welcome and know that you are here because on an energetic level you have asked to be here




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